Are Gas or Electric Stoves More Energy-Efficient?

There are a lot of different ways to prepare a hot meal , and everyone has their home appliances of choice. Stoves can be fueled by gas or electricity, and the choices you make will impact the energy efficiency of your home. Read ahead and find out if gas or electric stoves are more energy-efficient.

Both gas and electric stoves come in different tiers, and more advanced models are more expensive. Overall, however, the two tend to be in roughly the same price range. You might save money upfront by purchasing an electric stove on the lower end of the spectrum, but efficiency could become a problem if you use it all the time. It takes more energy to heat up your stove with electricity than natural gas, so gas tends to be the more efficient option. Remember that the more you use your stove, the more important this distinction between gas and electricity becomes.

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