Broiler Basics for Beginners

Many home cooks have a love/hate relationship with their broilers. Although broilers are great for quick cooking and getting the perfect sear, there seems to be little wiggle room between done perfectly and burned. Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can use to turn your grill into your best friend, so you can get the maximum use out of your appliance . The next time that you decide to broil, keep this advice in mind.

Look at the Shape of Your Broiler

Not all broilers are designed the same. Some have top burners that span the roof the oven, while others may have a rack down the middle with flames or heat sources that come out of the side. Knowing the shape of your broiler will help position your food correctly, so that it cooks evenly. With some experimentation, you may notice that with your broiler’s positioning, you need to rotate your food or put thicker items on a certain side of the range to get the doneness that you want.

Preheat Your Broiler

Cooking with your broiler is like grilling, and just like your grill, preheating makes a difference. Most broilers need about five to 10 minutes to heat up thoroughly, and it is time well spent to get the best outcomes for your food. Without preheating, your food is likely to cook unevenly or cook through before you achieve the crust you want on the outside.

Crack the Oven Door

Although it may seem like cracking the door to your oven will simply release heat, doing so when you’re broiling is a smart move. Opening the door a crack prevents moisture from building up, which in turn will help your food caramelize more effectively.

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How Do You Clean a Big Green Egg?

The Big Green Egg is designed to be low-maintenance, and it essentially cleans itself during day-to-day use. However, it’s a good idea to give it a deep clean from time to time, so that it continues to operate at its peak performance.

After each use, close the dome and the vents to allow the heat to burn off the residue left from cooking. Before your next use, remove any debris that is left over. When you notice a build-up of grease and debris on the drum, it’s time for deep cleaning. Because the Big Green Egg is porous, you won’t use cleaners or water, which will soak into the ceramic and affect taste and performance. Scrape the sides with a ball of aluminum foil to remove as much of the surface staining as possible. Next, empty the ash chamber and heat the grill up to about 600 degrees, allowing it to burn for about an hour. Once it is cool, clean the ashes again, and your Big Green Egg is ready for use.

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Signs That It’s Time to Upgrade Your Oven

Even the best ovens won’t last forever, so how do you know when it is time to upgrade yours? If you don’t pay attention to the clues that your oven is on its last legs, you run the risk of it giving out at the worst moment, such as when you’re getting ready for a dinner party or when you’re about to serve up a holiday meal. If you notice any of these signs happening with your oven, it could be time to pay a visit to a home appliance store .

The preheat time seems to be getting longer.

There is a good chance you know how about how long your oven takes to preheat, even if you’ve never actually timed it. If you find that you are going to oven to put your food in, only to find that it’s not even close to being preheated, then it is an indicator that something is wrong. As preheating times increase , it means time could be running out on the usefulness of your oven.

Your food is cooking unevenly.

This problem can be very frustrating for home cooks. When your oven cooks unevenly, you’ll notice that some parts of your food are cooked perfectly, while other parts are either not fully cooked or burned. Uneven cooking can make batch cooking, such as cookies or roasted vegetables, particularly hard to manage. When your food is not cooking evenly, it means you have hot and cold spots in your oven, instead of a consistent temperature.

Your meals are taking longer to prepare.

You may not notice that your favorite meal is taking a minute or two longer than usual to cook, but as the cooking time continues to increase, you may notice that your favorite fast weeknight meal is suddenly taking twice the time to finish. This is a sign that your oven isn’t maintaining the cooking temperature, which will only continue to get worse.

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Thermador Explains Why the Kitchen Is the Heart of the Home

For many families, memories and togetherness start in the kitchen. That’s why choosing home appliances like freezers, refrigerators, and cooktops is about more than functionality. It’s about choosing the pieces of the most important space in your house.

In this video from Thermador, hear people discuss why the kitchen holds so much meaning their families. From baking cookies together to sharing holiday meals, family traditions are often passed from one generation to the next in the kitchen.

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