Broiler Basics for Beginners

Many home cooks have a love/hate relationship with their broilers. Although broilers are great for quick cooking and getting the perfect sear, there seems to be little wiggle room between done perfectly and burned. Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can use to turn your grill into your best friend, so you can get the maximum use out of your appliance . The next time that you decide to broil, keep this advice in mind.

Look at the Shape of Your Broiler

Not all broilers are designed the same. Some have top burners that span the roof the oven, while others may have a rack down the middle with flames or heat sources that come out of the side. Knowing the shape of your broiler will help position your food correctly, so that it cooks evenly. With some experimentation, you may notice that with your broiler’s positioning, you need to rotate your food or put thicker items on a certain side of the range to get the doneness that you want.

Preheat Your Broiler

Cooking with your broiler is like grilling, and just like your grill, preheating makes a difference. Most broilers need about five to 10 minutes to heat up thoroughly, and it is time well spent to get the best outcomes for your food. Without preheating, your food is likely to cook unevenly or cook through before you achieve the crust you want on the outside.

Crack the Oven Door

Although it may seem like cracking the door to your oven will simply release heat, doing so when you’re broiling is a smart move. Opening the door a crack prevents moisture from building up, which in turn will help your food caramelize more effectively.

Good broiling starts with the right oven . Visit Friedmans Appliance to see our wide selection of ranges as well as all of our other home appliances. Speak to one of our team members today about your appliance needs by calling (925) 808-2950.

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