Spotlight on Dryer Capacity

When you’re shopping for a new dryer, one of the factors to consider is capacity. Appliance stores stock dryers that range from compact units to mega-capacity options. Getting the one that best fits your needs will not only make it easier to do your laundry but will also ensure that your dryer works as efficiently as possible for you.

Most people will benefit from having a standard, full-size dryer, which is about 7.3 to 8.3 cubic feet in size. However, for households with one or two people without heavy bedding to wash, a compact dryer—which can be as small as 3.4 cubic feet—may be sufficient. Mega-capacity dryers are between 8.4 and 9.0 cubic feet in size and are suited to large families and industrial use. Generally, your dryer should have about twice the capacity of your washer.

The team at Friedmans Appliance can help you select the right dryer in Pleasant Hill for your needs. For more information about our selection, call our appliance store at (925) 808-2950.

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