The Beginner’s Guide to Fine Wine

Are you starting to dabble in the world of wine? As your palate expands, so too will your need for storage. The one appliance that wine aficionados can’t live without is a wine refrigerator , which keeps all of your bottles at the perfect temperature, so that they’re ready to enjoy when you are. Some models allow for different temperature settings in different regions, allowing you to adapt your temperatures to incorporate a range of styles. If you’re new to enjoying wine and want to develop your knowledge and your taste buds, this guide will help you find the best bottles.

Learn the Sniff Test

You have probably seen wine experts sniff a glass of wine before taking a sip. Doing so helps you understand the different flavors that are in the wine, so that you’re ready to analyze more in-depth when you actually take a sip. Start by taking a few, quick sniffs of the wine, and then move the glass away from your nose. Try to come up with a list of different fruits and herbs you smell in the wine. After a few more sniffs, try to isolate the undertones of the scents to come up with a full list of all of the tastes you think might be present.

Aerate Your Sip

The best way to take your first sip of a glass is to suck it up as though you were using a straw. This turns your lips into a wine aerator, so you get the fullness of the taste. Swish the wine around in your mouth to appreciate all of the flavors. Determine if you can taste the aromas you smelled, and decide if the wine tastes complex, balanced, or harmonious. You can also taste for hints of poor quality, like acidity or a leathery quality.

Take Notes

As you begin tasting wines, it helps to keep notes on what you like and don’t like. Over time, your palate will become trained to recognize your preferences and to know right away if a wine is right for you.

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