• Tips for Extending the Life of Your Appliances

    Whether you are renovating your home, or are planning on moving into a brand new property, purchasing new appliances can be a big investment. With help from your local appliance store, you can get a great deal on quality appliances that are built to last. To receive the best return on your investment, it is crucial that you take all of the steps that are needed to care for your appliances throughout the years. Here is a look at some handy tips that will help you extend the life of your appliances.


    The refrigerator is at the heart and soul of your kitchen’s food storage. In order to keep your refrigerator up and running for as long as possible, it is important to avoid overcrowding your appliance with too many food items. When your refrigerator gets overfilled, its internal compressor will have to work even harder to keep your food cold.


    Your dishwasher will require some basic care in order to remain functional for years in the future. To help your dishwasher operate more efficiently, you will want to clear any food scraps that may collect within its interior parts. If you tend to wash your dishes on the hot cycle, you can save energy by running hot water from your sink before you start up your appliance.


    In order to make sure that your stove lasts for its full lifespan, you will want to clean your unit regularly. Food scraps and other forms of debris can easily build up in the burners on the top of your cooking range. Cleaning off grime and cooking residue will help prevent maintenance issues in your stove.

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  • Tips for Updating Your Appliances

    Are you in the market for new appliances? If so, there are some steps you should take prior to heading to the appliance store. From taking measurements so that you know which appliances will fit in your home to shopping around for the best prices, you can buy appliances that will meet all of your needs.

    Watch this video to get some excellent tips on how to update the appliances in your home. It will show you what you should think about prior to visiting an appliance store and give you a guide to upgrading your appliances.

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  • What You Need to Know About Shopping for Appliances

    When you walk into an appliance store for a new refrigerator, stove, or washing machine, you will be inundated with options. There will be all kinds of appliances for you to look at, and within just a matter of minutes, you will fall in love with one or two of them. But are they the right ones for your home? Prior to walking into a home appliance store near Pleasant Hill , take the time to consider what you need out of your appliances. Here is how to prepare yourself for your shopping trip.

    You should always do your research before you start shopping for appliances.

    Whether you are looking at ranges, washers, dryers, refrigerators, or other appliances, you should always do your homework before you set foot in an appliance store . Think about what features you need your appliance to have, and then narrow down your search by focusing on appliances that have those features.

    You should steer clear of appliances that do more than you need them to do.

    Yes, you will come across ovens and cooktops that are used in the homes of professional chefs, but do you really need the appliances that the pros use? Probably not, which is why you should be realistic when you walk into an appliance store. Don’t lose sight of what you need by falling for an appliance that has a bunch of incredible features. There’s a good chance you won’t get around to using all of them.

    You shouldn’t simply pick out the cheapest appliances in the store.

    While you shouldn’t buy appliances that do more than you need them to do, you also shouldn’t settle on cheap appliances simply because of price. You obviously want to stick to your budget when shopping for appliances, but you don’t want to pick out something that won’t last long or that will require extensive repairs in the near future.

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  • Reasons to Choose Friedmans Appliance

    When you are seeking a great home appliance store serving Pleasant Hill, you should look no further than Friedman’s Appliance. We proudly provide our customers with a fantastic appliance shopping experience, and we will ensure that you get the most out of your purchase. Whether you are shopping for washer, dryer, or electric ranges, you will always find a great selection of name brand products at our showroom. As an authorized dealer for all of the appliances we carry, we will be able to answer all of your questions about what types of appliances will be best suited for your needs.

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  • When Should You Purchase New Appliances?

    Appliance Store Concord

    Your home appliances are an essential part of your day to day life. Whether you are grilling in your backyard or doing laundry, appliances such as BBQs and washers and dryers typically receive considerable use over the months and years. Eventually, there will come a time when you will need to visit your home appliance store to update your appliances. By shopping for new products at an appliance store , you can improve the efficiency, comfort, and convenience of your household. Here is a closer look deciding when it is time to purchase new appliances.

    Before Your Current Appliances Wear Out
    If you are trying to decide when it is time to purchase new appliances , you should be aware of the quality and condition of your current models. For example, if your refrigerator is having trouble keeping your food cold, this could be a sign that is on the verge of breaking down. By purchasing new appliances before your old ones fail, you can ensure that your daily routines are not disrupted.

    At the End of the Model Year
    To get a terrific deal on your new appliances, you may want to visit the appliance store towards the end of the model year. Just like new cars, new appliances are updated with innovative features and technology each year. By visiting the appliance store towards the end of the year, you can typically get a great deal on the past year’s models.

    During the Off Season
    When you are shopping for a season-specific appliance, such as a BBQ, you may want to wait until the offseason. By shopping for a grill during the fall or winter months, you may be able to get a quality BBQ at a lower price.

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  • The Steps of Choosing a Grill

    Whether you are an avid backyard chef or are simply looking to renovate an outdoor kitchen, you may want to purchase new grilling equipment. To get the most out of all of your grilling projects, it is a terrific idea to purchase a BBQ grill that is perfectly suited to your cooking style and needs. As you are shopping for grills at the appliance store, you should consider the size and heat source of your potential grill. Watch this video for more tips on selecting the perfect grill.

    At Friedmans Appliance , our appliance store serving Concord offers a fantastic selection of gas and electric grills that are sure to please the discerning chef in your family. To learn more about the terrific outdoor cooking appliances that we have in stock, call us at (925) 602-1360 or visit our website.

  • Spotlight on Electric Dryers

    Home Appliance Store in Concord

    Washers and dryers are a must for today’s modern household. Whether you are choosing appliances for a new home, or are looking to replace your older model, it is essential to select a new dryer that is suited to the needs of your lifestyle and family. Electric dryers are among the most popular dryer styles that are available at the appliance store. These types of dryers are very energy efficient, and can be easily hooked up to a standard outlet. When you are choosing an electric dryer, you may want to look for special settings, as well as a moisture sensor. Additionally, you will need to decide whether a top loading or front loading dryer will be right for your needs.

    To learn more about all of the electric dryers that are available for your home , be sure to contact Friedmans Appliance by calling (925) 602-1360. We are proud to offer a terrific assortment of home appliances in Concord, and we will make sure that our appliance store provides you with the perfect dryer for your family’s needs.

  • What You Need to Know About Your Trip to the Appliance Store

    Appliance Store Concord

    Whether you are building a new home, or renovating an existing space, an appliance store serving Concord will be able to provide you with the pieces you need for your kitchen, bathroom, and other spaces. From refrigeration & freezers to cooktops and more, there are many home appliances that are critical for the home. To help you get started on your purchase of new appliances, here is a look at some tips for your trip to the appliance store.

    Do Your Research
    The first step of shopping for appliances at the appliance store is to make sure that you do your research in advance. With many different products and brands to choose from, your appliance purchase should be carefully considered. Along with doing research online, you may want to ask your friends or family members about their own home appliances.

    Set Your Priorities
    Along with doing your research, it is a great idea to set your priorities before you visit the appliance store. For example, you can create a list of must have elements for your new appliance. These features could include energy efficiency, space saving, or a great warranty. With these features in mind, you will be ready to start shopping.

    Ask Questions
    During your tour of the appliance showroom, do not be afraid to ask questions about any pieces that you are considering purchasing. Your appliance sales representative will have all of the information you need to make an informed purchase. After you have found an appliance that meets all of your needs, you will be ready to take the next steps of purchasing and installation.

    If you are seeking a quality appliance shopping experience in the Concord area, be sure to make a trip to Friedman’s appliance. We proudly serve our customers throughout Concord with a fantastic inventory of new appliances, and we will help you select the appliances of your dreams. To hear more about our inventory , give us a call at (925) 808-2950.

  • Choosing Your New Appliances

    When you visit the appliance store serving Concord, you will have many different factors to consider. Your appliances will play a major role in the layout and efficiency of your interior spaces. To get started on purchasing your home appliances, you can start by talking with your appliance salesman about the size and layout of your kitchen. With this information, you can find the cooktops and other appliances that will be best suited for your space. To learn more about choosing your new appliances, check out this video from CNYs OPEN.

    At Friedmans Appliances, we are proud to offer a great selection of home appliances that will be perfectly suited to your home. To hare more about the terrific appliance shopping experience that we have to offer you, give us a call at (925) 808-2950.

  • Selecting Appliances During a Kitchen Remodel

    When you embark on a kitchen remodel, you will have many factors to consider. Along with your floors and countertops, you will also need to select the right kitchen appliances for your needs. Before you visit the appliance store in Concord, you may want to create a binder with inspiration and ideas. In addition, you can visualize how your appliances will look by creating a design layout. For more kitchen remodeling tips, watch this video clip.

    At Friedmans Appliance , our friendly team can help you through every step of choosing and installing your new kitchen appliances. We proudly provide the Walnut Creek area with a range of top-rated appliances and services. To learn more about the great products that are featured in our showroom, call us at (925) 808-2950.

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