• How Do Convection Ovens Work?

    As you are shopping for a new oven at your appliance store in Concord , you will have many models and styles to choose from. One of the most important decisions that you will need to make when you are shopping for a new oven is whether you will choose a conventional or convection appliance. If you are an avid cook, there are many advantages to purchasing a convection oven from the home appliance store. Here is a closer look at how convection ovens work.

    Convection Currents

    Convection ovens use the scientific properties of convection currents to heat food to perfection. If you are familiar with the phrase “hot air rises,” then you have a basic understanding of convention currents. When heat and air interact, they cause currents—or air flow—throughout a space. A convection oven relies on this basic principle to create delicious meals that are cooked evenly and thoroughly.

    Internal Fans

    To harness the power of convection currents, a convection oven is equipped with an internal fan. This fan is directed in such a way that it encourages a steady flow of air from the top to the bottom of the oven. By redirecting the convection currents, this fan ensures that each area of the oven is kept at the same temperature.

    Even and Fast Cooking

    There are many great benefits to choosing a convection oven for your kitchen. If you are shopping for a new oven that will ensure that your dishes are cooked evenly and quickly, a convection oven may be right for you. This type of oven is preferred by home chefs and gourmet cooks, alike.

    To learn about some of the convection oven models that are available, pay a visit to Friedmans Appliance. Our friendly sales staff will be thrilled to provide you with a tour of all of the great ovens that are available at our appliance store. For more information about our appliance selection, call us at (925) 808-2950.

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