• Compelling Reasons to Upgrade to a Double Oven

    Today’s home appliances just keep getting more convenient. If your single oven is starting to break down or it’s simply not enough for your needs, it’s probably time to upgrade your appliance. Double ovens make food preparation quick and easy, let you cook alongside another chef, and protect your kids from injuries. Learn about these compelling reasons to upgrade by reading ahead.

    Cut Down Prep Time

    No matter how far ahead you plan for your neighborhood gathering or family birthday party, you can’t anticipate everything that could happen. If you misjudged how much time you have to prepare or you forgot something for the event and had to backtrack to pick it up, you’ll be happy that you have a double oven. Your double ovens operate separately from each other, so you can prepare one part of the meal in the upper oven and another in the lower one. You can set each oven to the exact conditions needed for an unforgettable meal, even when you’re running out of time.

    Make Room for More Cooks

    If you’re the only one who likes to cook in your house, then you’re the king or queen of your kitchen appliances. If you have more than one person in the house that has an affinity for making delicious meals, on the other hand, then you might need a double oven. With a double oven, you can cook whatever you want in one oven while your husband, daughter, or best friend prepares something completely different in the other.

    Keep Kids Safe

    Kids like to get into places they shouldn’t be. If you live with children, you can protect them by using the upper oven when you only need one at a time. The kids won’t be able to reach, so there’s no danger of an accidental burn or injury.

    One oven isn’t always enough, so visit the appliance store serving Pleasant Hill to see what your options are in terms of upgrades. Friedmans Appliance has refrigerators, washers, and dryers in addition to wall ovens, and you can preview them on our website. Give us a call at (925) 808-2950.

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