• Get Your Caffeine Fix with This GE Café Series Refrigerator

    A single trip to the appliance store can transform your home and the way you use it. Adding new appliances to your kitchen adds to your home design and makes life easier. Watch this video on the GE Café Series refrigerator.

    If you need a coffee fix to get the day going, the GE Café Series refrigerator is perfect for your kitchen. Thanks to its partnership with Keurig, GE’s fridge lets you create the perfect cup of coffee every day. Just choose your K-cup pack, put it in the brewer and place it in the dispenser, and choose the size. Then turn the knob counterclockwise and wait for the cup to fill.

    The GE Café Series refrigerator in Pleasant Hill is exactly what you need when you wake up in the morning. Call our appliance store at (925) 808-2950 or visit the Friedmans Appliance website to see our products.

  • Here’s How to Brew Coffee with Your New GE Café Series Fridge

    The first cup of coffee is an important part of the day for people who need that extra kick to get themselves started in the morning. Getting your first cup of the day is easy if you have the right home appliances. Watch this video and learn how to brew coffee with your new GE Café Series fridge .

    Start by opening the top of the brewer and putting a K-Cup pack into the dispenser. Then you’ll select a size and the water will start heating up. Turn the knob on your fridge counterclockwise and wait as your dispenser brews at the best flow rate for your selection. Once the dispenser has finished its job, you’ll have a delicious cup of coffee.

    From gas grills to refrigerators, Friedmans Appliance has the home appliances in Pleasant Hill that you need. Give us a call at (925) 808-2950 for all of your appliance needs.

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