Grilling the Perfect Burger

Grilling the perfect burger is equal parts art and science. As you gain more experience behind the grill, you’ll likely perfect your own technique to enhance the flavors of the meat. But for now, watch this demonstration by a professional chef. He strongly recommends selecting an 80/20 grind, which means the beef has 20% fat. 

Other tips you’ll learn are to only flip a burger once, and to make a slight indentation in the middle of the burger to prevent puffiness during grilling. Use a meat thermometer before you take your burgers off the grill. They should be cooked to an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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Foolproof Strategies for Grilled Pizza

If you love grilling but want to elevate your game beyond the usual burgers and dogs, look towards the unexpected. With a few cooking tweaks, nearly all of your favorite foods can be cooked on the grill, and often, they come out reinvented. Pizza is one such food that is becoming a staple on grills across the country. If you want to try to your hand at surprising your family and friends with grilled pizza, these strategies will help you turn out a delicious pie they won’t soon forget.  

Use a Pizza Stone 

Ideally, if you want to grill pizza, you should have a pizza stone. A pizza stone evens out the heat so that the dough cooks evenly. Although you can cook directly on the grates of the grill, it makes things a little trickier, especially if there are hot and cool spots. If you do cook directly on the grates, put the dough over direct heat for about 45 seconds, and then flip it. Then put it over indirect heat while you add toppings. If you wait too long, it will burn, and if you try to flip it too soon, it won’t release from the grates. If you are going to use a pizza stone, heat it until the grill reaches about 500 degrees F and simply place your dough on top with sauce, cheese, and toppings. 

Go Easy with the Sauce 

Too much sauce can drown any pizza, and it can especially damage your pie when you’re grilling. Generally, the sauce you put on your grilled pizza should look like it’s not enough. It will spread and merge with the dough while cooking, instead of giving you soggy slices.  

Precook Toppings 

If you have toppings that you want to be cooked when the pizza is served, like sausage, cook them before adding them. The same goes for any veggies that you don’t want to be raw on top of the pie. If you’re adding herbs, sprinkle them on at the end so that the grill doesn’t singe them.  

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Upgrade Your Grilling Technique with the Viking Professional 5 Series Grills

Great grilling takes skill, but the right appliance can do most of the work for you. The Viking Professional 5 Series grills make grilling easier and more fun, and they can inspire you to change up your methods. Watch this video and upgrade your grilling technique with the Viking Professional 5 Series grills.

Viking’s Professional 5 Series features a new rotisserie configuration that maximizes the surface area of the heat. Its welded drip tray helps keep liquid contained so it’s easy to clean, and the tray goes tight against the burner to prevent leaks. All in all, the Professional 5 Series is extremely easy to clean and maintain, and the added steel rods contribute to better durability.

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Quick Fixes for Your Grilling Blunders

Whether they prefer to use a gas, charcoal, or electric grill, even experienced backyard cooks can make mistakes now and then. Watch this video for some quick fixes to common grilling blunders.

Some people make the mistake of pulling chicken off the grill too soon when the outside starts to look dry. To correct this problem, grill the chicken longer or cook it in the oven for about 15 minutes at 400ºF. To prevent this mistake, you can use a thermometer to take the chicken’s internal temperature, which needs to reach at least 165ºF, and cook the meat for a longer amount of time over a lower flame.

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Grilling Steak 101

Using your gas or electric grill in the backyard takes family meals and holiday gatherings to a higher level. To help make yourself look like an experienced grill master at your next barbecue, watch this video for some essential tips on grilling steak.

Start by drizzling the cuts with extra virgin olive oil. Next, add liberal amounts of salt and fresh-ground pepper. Then, to help ensure good grill marks, carefully oil the grill. After placing the meat on the grill, do not move the steaks around to give the grill marks a chance to form.

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Good Grilling: Choosing Between Gas and Charcoal

The benefits of charcoal and gas grilling are part of a perennial debate amongst home chefs across the country. When you are planning a backyard BBQ for your home, you will want to make sure that you are equipped with grilling equipment that matches your cooking style. Since both gas and charcoal grills have merits, you will want to gather plenty of information before you make your purchase. Here are some factors to consider when you are deciding between a gas or charcoal grill.

Flavor Profile

Charcoal and gas grills provide distinctly different flavor profiles for grilled dishes. When you grill with charcoal, your food will have a distinctive, smoky taste. A gas grill, by contrast, provides a cleaner, less smoky flavor for grilled food. If you are seeking that classic smokehouse flavor, a charcoal grill may be right for you.

Temperature Control

While both gas and charcoal grills allow the chef to control the temperature of cooking, a gas grill offers more precise adjustments. When you grill with gas, you will be able to adjust the temperature of each area along the grill. Charcoal grills are trickier to control, and some chefs may have trouble achieving the cooking temperatures that they desire.

Ease of Maintenance

Both charcoal and gas grills are fairly easy to maintain. If you are seeking grilling equipment that requires very little preparation or cleanup, you may want to go with gas. Grilling with a gas appliance is as simple as turning on the propane canister and igniting the flame. If you enjoy the process of building a fire, you may prefer charcoal.

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Planning an End of Summer Grilling Celebration

As the days slowly start to get shorter, the end of summer is just on the horizon. If you are a grilling enthusiast, you will want to take advantage of the last of the summer season by planning a final cookout at your house. A showroom offering gas grills in Pleasant Hill can help you pick out the right equipment for your end-of-the-summer feast. When you purchase new grilling equipment, you will be able to bid goodbye to summer with a flourish. Here are some tips for planning your end of summer grilling celebration.

Invite Your Friends

To plan a successful barbecue to kick of the end of the summer, you will want to invite your friends with plenty of advance notice. Summer weekends can easily get jam-packed with outings, meals, and other events. Creating summery invitations is a great way to spread the word about your event.

Plan a Menu

No summer grilling celebration is complete without a delicious menu of grilled items. Depending on your cooking preferences, you may want to provide all of the food for your guests, or encourage everyone to bring their favorite dish to throw on the grill. You can also plan to provide the main dishes, and have everyone bring a side to share. Some summer grilling favorites include chicken, steak, or slow cooked ribs.

Decorate Your Space

The day before the party, you will need to start decorating your lawn and grilling space. By sprucing up your backyard with fresh-cut flowers, comfortable furniture, and other inviting items, you will create a wonderful atmosphere for your backyard get together.

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A Closer Look at Essential Grilling Equipment for Summer

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. Are you ready for grilling season? If not, you’ll want to stock up soon so you don’t have to put off a single backyard BBQ. Here is a look at some of the essential grilling gear and equipment you’ll want to pick up from your local appliance store in Pleasant Hill so you can grill to your heart’s content this summer.

Gas BBQ Grill

The first thing you need to make sure you have is a killer barbecue grill. Even if you already have a charcoal grill, it’s worth investing in a new gas BBQ so you can quickly grill meats and vegetables without waiting for the charcoal to heat up. If you’re a barbecue purist you know which side you fall on the gas vs. charcoal debate, but you can’t beat the convenience of cooking meat in seconds as opposed to an hour-long ordeal (or longer) with a charcoal grill.


Who wants to go inside and miss out on the fun (or the beautiful weather) every time they want a cold beverage? A mini-fridge outside will help turn your outdoor space into a full-fledged outdoor kitchen, and the luxury of a mini-fridge blows an ice chest out of the water.

Meat Thermometer

Unless you’re a master griller (and even then), it’s a good idea to invest in a meat thermometer so you know exactly when your meat is done. A thermometer will make sure you don’t serve undercooked meat , but it can also help you pull meat off at just the right moment so you deliver steaks and burgers just how your friends and family ordered them.

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Easy Grilling Ideas for Your Family

Whether it’s a relaxing Sunday afternoon or a quick weekday meal, grilling offers your family a number of ways to make a delicious meal. In addition to easy favorites like grilled burgers, grilled chicken, or grilled fish, there are endless options to use your grill with your family. To take advantage of your BBQ, continue reading for some inspiration for quick meals that can be made any night of the week on your grill.

Chicken Courses

Grilled chicken breasts are a BBQ classic , but consider mixing up this old standby with different sauces and seasoning. BBQ sauce is a great marinade for chicken, as well as dressing or an orange sauce. For more variety, try using a dry rub such as a jerk chicken spice mixture of chilies, thyme, cinnamon, garlic, and nutmeg. For quick and easy weeknight dinners, try starting a marinade in the morning—by the time you get home from work all you need to do is throw the meat on the grill!

Beef and Pork Options

Most recipes that can be used for chicken on the grill can be used on pork as well. Pork tenderloin is a great option for grilling and can be used as a main dish or for sandwiches for lunch the next day. Steaks are always a great grilling standby. For an easy dinner, try steak kabobs. You can use most cuts of steak paired with vegetables to make a dinner everyone in the family will love.

Meatless Main Dishes

For a fun family meal on the grill, try a pizza night. Grilled pizza is a great way to get family members to customize their own toppings. Pizzas can be made with cheese and veggies for a meatless dinner option. Fish like tilapia or salmon are great on the grill and don’t require much prep at all, aside from a bit of lemon and olive oil.

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Understanding the Different Types of Grills

One of life’s great pleasures is being able to cook and entertain outside in the summertime. Grilled hamburgers and hot dogs are summer staples, and for good reason. With several types of grills on the market today, which one is right for you? When you’re ready to buy a new grill or to upgrade from one you currently own, here are some popular types of grills you should consider.

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills, as the name suggests, utilizes charcoal briquettes as a fuel source to grill food. Since briquettes are made from compressed wood ash, as well as sawdust, they add a smoky flavor to food, which some people prefer. They also provide a hotter heat than gas grills, which help to achieve those iconic grill marks on meat. These grills do take longer to get going than other types of grills because charcoal needs to be prepped before cooking can begin. Though charcoal grills are relatively inexpensive to purchase, they can be more costly to operate.

Gas Grills

Fast, portable, and fairly easy to use, gas grills are the most popular choices for backyard grilling and entertaining. These types of grills usually run on refillable tanks of propane that can be connected to them. If you desire, you can alter these grills to be attached to your home’s natural gas line. Unlike their charcoal counterparts, gas grills do not impart extra flavor to meats or vegetables.

Electric Grills

Electric grills use metal grill plates that can be heated to high temperatures. These grills are a decent alternative to ones that utilize fire to cook food, and tend to be common where municipal laws prohibit or highly regulate the use of fire. The beauty of these grills is their versatility—you can use them indoors or outdoors, and they are ready to cook wherever electricity sources are available.

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