• Planning Your Laundry Room Renovation

    In many homes, laundry rooms pull double duty. They’re typically a place where miscellaneous items—from hammers to spare keys—find a home. Laundry rooms also serve as mudrooms, and the result can be a cluttered, disorganized mess. If you’re fed up with the look or function of your laundry room, it’s time to start planning a remodel. Start with a trip to the appliance store to pick out your new washer and dryer. 

    Evaluate the available space. 

    A well-designed laundry room can suit your needs no matter how large it is. If you have a smaller space, consider getting front-loading appliances that stack on top of each other. Once you know where your new washer and dryer will go, you can begin making plans for the rest of the space. Plan to have a work surface for folding clothes and scrubbing at stains. You should also have storage near the washer and dryer for items like detergent and stain sticks. Make sure there will be enough room in front of the washer and dryer to empty and load your hampers. If possible, designate a small space where you can tuck the hamper out of the way while the laundry is being cleaned. 

    Figure out your connections. 

    Before you purchase your new washer and dryer at the home appliance store, you need to know what your connections are. This will determine whether you’ll buy gas or electric units. Some laundry rooms feature connections for both types, in which case, the sales associate can help you choose between gas and electric. 

    Choose your finishes. 

    Once you’ve planned the layout of your new laundry room, designated storage areas, and selected your appliances, it’s time to choose your finishes. Look for finishes that offer superior durability and water resistance, given the nature of the room. Consider choosing moisture-resistant vinyl flooring, which eliminates the unsightly grout lines that go between ceramic tiles. Choose a semi-gloss paint that’s easy to wipe clean. For your work surface, look for a nonporous countertop material like engineered stone. 

    Friedmans Appliance carries energy-efficient washers and dryers, including front load and top load dryers, and electric and gas dryers. While you’re picking up your new appliances at our store in Pleasant Hill, consider adding a laundry pedestal to your remodeling plans. If you have any questions, call us at (925) 808-2950. 

  • Renovating? Consider Moving Your Laundry Room Upstairs

    Your home renovation can be as big as you want, and some people end up changing the layout of their whole house. Appliances like washers and dryers are typically found on the first floor of the home or in the basement, but there are benefits to keeping them upstairs. If you’re renovating in the near future, consider moving your laundry room upstairs.

    If you’re afraid of moving your laundry room upstairs, you’re probably worried about what to do in case of a flood. If you know how to avoid a flood and your shutoff valve is easy to get to, this shouldn’t be an issue. An upstairs laundry room saves you and your family time and effort because you won’t have to bring your clothes up and down the stairs. Then you can keep your hamper in the laundry room instead of the bedroom, freeing up more space.

    No matter where your laundry room is, it needs a good washer and dryer in Pleasant Hill. You can get your laundry room appliances as well as ranges, cooktops, and refrigerators by working with a home appliance store like Friedmans Appliance, so call us at (925) 808-2950 today.

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