• Signs That It’s Time to Upgrade Your Oven

    Even the best ovens won’t last forever, so how do you know when it is time to upgrade yours? If you don’t pay attention to the clues that your oven is on its last legs, you run the risk of it giving out at the worst moment, such as when you’re getting ready for a dinner party or when you’re about to serve up a holiday meal. If you notice any of these signs happening with your oven, it could be time to pay a visit to a home appliance store .

    The preheat time seems to be getting longer.

    There is a good chance you know how about how long your oven takes to preheat, even if you’ve never actually timed it. If you find that you are going to oven to put your food in, only to find that it’s not even close to being preheated, then it is an indicator that something is wrong. As preheating times increase , it means time could be running out on the usefulness of your oven.

    Your food is cooking unevenly.

    This problem can be very frustrating for home cooks. When your oven cooks unevenly, you’ll notice that some parts of your food are cooked perfectly, while other parts are either not fully cooked or burned. Uneven cooking can make batch cooking, such as cookies or roasted vegetables, particularly hard to manage. When your food is not cooking evenly, it means you have hot and cold spots in your oven, instead of a consistent temperature.

    Your meals are taking longer to prepare.

    You may not notice that your favorite meal is taking a minute or two longer than usual to cook, but as the cooking time continues to increase, you may notice that your favorite fast weeknight meal is suddenly taking twice the time to finish. This is a sign that your oven isn’t maintaining the cooking temperature, which will only continue to get worse.

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  • Should You Cook More Than One Thing in the Oven at Once?

    Particularly around big holidays, many people try to cut down on cooking time by doubling up their dishes in the oven. For this reason, some common questions asked at home appliance stores are about cooking multiple items simultaneously. The simple answer to this type of inquiry is that you can indeed cook more than one thing in your wall oven at once. However, there are a few factors for you to keep in mind.

    First, you should only attempt to cook multiple things in your oven if they require the same cooking temperature. Also, it’s important to keep an eye on the items throughout the process because having more than one dish in your oven can cause them to cook differently than they would individually. Lastly, think about flavor. If one dish might take on the flavors of the other, then it may be a bad idea to cook them at the same time.

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  • Common Reasons That Ovens Don’t Maintain Their Temperatures

    Have you been having trouble with your kitchen items from the appliance store? Some simple troubleshooting might help you solve the problem . The issue might be the heating element, the thermostat, or even the person using the oven. Read on to learn about some of the common culprits.

    Human Error Heat Loss

    If you’ve just returned from the appliance store with a new oven and it doesn’t seem like it’s maintaining its temperature, you might be the source of the problem. Checking on your dish too frequently, as well as forgetting to close the door of your appliance, can lead to heat loss and affect the unit’s ability to maintain its temperature. Make sure the door to your oven is closed when it’s in use, and try not to check on your food more than you need to.

    Heating Element Problems

    The heating element of your oven is what allows the appliance to serve its purpose. If it’s broken, however, your oven won’t stick to the temperature that you set for it. This can lead to undercooked or overcooked food, unnecessary frustration, and the need for repairs. Talk to the professionals at the appliance store to find an oven that is known to have a reliable heating element so that you can get the heat you need.

    Faulty Thermostats

    Even if your kitchen appliance’s heating element is working perfectly, a malfunctioning thermostat can throw a wrench in the gears. Your thermostat reads the temperature inside the oven so that you can manipulate it. When it doesn’t work properly, it won’t have an accurate reading of the temperature. If your appliance thinks that the temperature is different from what it is, you might get some fluctuation.

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  • Signs That You Need to Replace Your Oven

    When was the last time you gave your kitchen an update? If you can’t recall, then it’s important to realize that many kitchen appliances are built to last but eventually start to wear down. The following are some signs that mean it’s time to head to your local appliance store for a new oven:

    Faulty Gas Switch

    If you own a gas oven and you find that you must manually light the burner on a regular basis, then this can indicate that it’s time to replace the appliance. This issue can be a sign of an aging oven and can be incredibly inconvenient as well as dangerous. If your gas switch doesn’t work, then consider getting a new oven.

    Rusty Areas

    If you’re like most people, then you want your kitchen to appear clean and provide you with an ideal cooking environment. If your oven is starting to rust, then this can drastically affect the overall look of your kitchen and give you cause to worry about rust getting into your food. Having rust on your oven is a good indicator that you’d benefit from replacing it.

    High Energy Bills

    Many of today’s new oven models are designed to maximize energy efficiency. If you find that your energy bills are higher than you’d like or expect them to be, then an older oven could be part of the problem. Today’s convection ovens circulate heat for faster and more even cooking, and they also heat up a bit slower to save on energy.

    Poor Function

    Finally, you want an oven that you can count on. If your oven frequently cuts out when you’re preheating it, requires frequent repairs to work, or prevents you from cooking the things that you would like to, then it makes sense to consider replacing it with a new appliance.

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  • Conventional vs. Convection Ovens

    If you’ve been looking at ranges and wall ovens at your local home appliance store, you may be wondering about the difference between conventional ovens and convection ovens. Both conventional and convection wall ovens are available with either gas ranges or electric ranges, but each oven distributes heat differently.

    The source of heat in a conventional wall oven is fixed, or stationary. The heat typically radiates upwards from the bottom of the oven. This may cause pockets of hot or cold air throughout the wall oven, and food on bottom oven racks may undercook, while food in upper oven racks may overcook. Convection ovens utilize fans to circulate hot air throughout the oven. This allows for more even and efficient cooking.

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