• Wall Ovens 101

    When you are shopping for new appliances for your kitchen, you will have the option of deciding between wall ovens or integrated cooktop and oven units. Wall ovens have many benefits to offer your kitchen. When you purchase a new wall oven from an appliance store serving Walnut Creek, you will be able to place your new oven at a height that is convenient for your cooking needs. Rather than bending down to check on your oven, you can put your wall oven within easy reach. In addition, wall ovens can allow you to free up additional storage space underneath your stovetop.

    To tour the different wall ovens that are available for your home, be sure to contact Friedmans Appliance by calling (925) 808-2950. From wall ovens and ranges to grilling supplies and more, we offer a complete range of home appliances that you are sure to love. Our team of staff in Walnut Creek looks forward to helping you choose the best appliances for your needs.

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