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Nothing says summer like an outdoor BBQ near Concord. Whether your outdoor space is large or small, the right grill can provide years of delicious meals and summertime memories. At Friedmans Appliance, our trusted appliance store carries a wide range of grilling appliances and accessories to meet your outdoor meal preparation needs, including electric grills, charcoal grills, and gas grills.

Choosing the Right Grill

Grilling is a pastime everyone can enjoy; however, there are many types of grills available, each offering different benefits and features. Choosing the right grill for your needs means taking a few factors into consideration, including your preferred fuel type, how many people you plan to feed, and the size of your outdoor space.

  • Fuel is one of the most important factors that will influence your decision when purchasing a grill. Natural gas and propane grills are simple and fast to cook with, but many people still enjoy the unique taste of a charcoal grill. If you have a natural gas hookup available for other appliances in your home, adding your grill to the line is often an easy solution.
  • The outdoor space you have available and the number of people you plan to feed regularly will also play a part in your choice of a grill. A larger grill makes feeding big parties simple, but the appliance will also need a larger space to accommodate it.
  • With so many features available, it’s essential to determine your must-have features. Do you Popular options include built-in thermostats, side shelving, smoke boxes, and rotisserie spits. You should take your level of grilling confidence and your needs into account when selecting the right features for your new grill to ensure you’re satisfied with your choice.

Smart Grilling Tips

Smart grilling means cooking your meals more efficiently while ensuring safety and protecting your home from smoke, grease, and cinders.

  • Use a grill mat to catch hot grease or any cinders that may fall from the bottom of the grill to prevent fire and protect the surface beneath the appliance.
  • Avoid cross-contamination of foods by ensuring each type of meat has its own cutting board, utensils, and plates, both before and after it is cooked.
  • Clean your grill once it has cooled after every use to prevent buildup that can affect its function and detract from the taste of your food. Check the appliance’s manual to determine the right tools and techniques for regular cleaning.

Friedmans Appliance has everything you need to enjoy outdoor grilling to the fullest—please stop by our store near Concord or call (925) 602-1360 for more information about our grilling products, including brand names such as Capital, DCS, KitchenAid, and Electrolux.

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