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I’ll Never Buy An Appliance Anywhere Else!

When the famous appliance store I'd always gone to said they couldn't keep the installation date for the stove top they promised, and I was left with no stove to cook for all our holiday guests, I went to Friedmans. Al not only got the exact model I wanted, he got it installed right away, and saved my holiday dinner. The people at Friedmans cared about doing a great job.You can count on them. It was the best service I have ever had. I'll never buy an appliance anywhere else. Absolutely awesome store!

Terri Terri January 1, 2013

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Friedman’s is a First Class Place

We've purchased a lot of appliances from Friedman's and can't imagine buying anywhere else.

We recently upgraded our kitchen and Scott gave us solid, practical advice about what to purchase, what to avoid and even tips on granite selection that helped us a lot. Their prices are good, not great, but the advice and helpfulness is worth every extra penny. We tried Airport Appliances just to be sure we weren't being foolish with our money and walked away, shaking our heads at the poor service and schlocky sales approach.

Friedman's is a first class place with gorgeous displays, tons of choices and supports the many products we have purchased there.

Marty B. Marty B. September 9, 2012

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What More Could you Ask For?

Here is what I know about Friedman's: You want to talk to Jay.

Initially my experience with Friedman's was a no-star experience. Jay was upset to read my first review on Yelp, and reached out to me (via email) to give Friedman's a second chance. I was reluctant, but my husband and I did go over there again and talked to Jay directly. It was a good thing we did. Meeting Jay was nothing like my encounter with the first salesman I met there (who has since left!).

Jay has been incredibly helpful to me over the past several months during our kitchen remodel. He has gone out of his way to answer all of my many questions both in person and via email. Whenever I drop by he takes his time to give me all the information about a dishwasher, fridge or range. I think I've put him through the ringer with all my detailed questions, but he's always been warm and friendly, and has gone above and beyond to help me.

To me Jay is the "face" of Friedman's. He's a great salesman, and an all around good guy. I always feel that he treats me with respect, honesty and integrity. What more could you ask for? I have since happily bought a dishwasher from Jay, and will be purchasing a fridge in the near future.

Talk to Jay. Tell him Mary sent you. It'll make him smile, and you'll be smiling, too.

MaryLouise M. MaryLouise M. August 11, 2012

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The service is great and they always exceed our …

In a world of competition the consumer has the choice to buy from wherever!
We always shop around and always come back to friedmans.
If you do your homework they will honor anything and any price you can come up with! The service is great and they always exceed our expectations

Michael S. Michael S. June 5, 2012

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…it’s worth a visit.” – Friedmans Appliance Reviews – …

I normally buy major appliances from Pacific Sales, but decided to go to Friedman's recently to purchase a Big Green Egg. The salesman was very friendly and helpful, explaining all the various purchase options and accessories, as well as demonstrating the unit. To top it off, he threw in delivery and assembly at no charge! Friedman's has a very well laid out showroom, helpful staff, and a convenient location -- it's worth a visit.

Andrew L. Andrew L. May 24, 2012

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…more choices than I ever imagined.

I loved everything about my experience at Friedmans. A friend told me to go there since I am re-doing my kitchen as she said they had the "best selection" which I didn't understand until I went there. OMG - SOOO many appliances! She was right - more choices than I ever imagined. I worked with a great guy who helped me find what I needed and the experience was wonderful Got a good deal too and great delivery - I love my kitchen! I will totally recommend it to everyone I know.

Momof3 Momof3 May 21, 2012

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Awesome Store!

We just had our Kitchen remodeled and needed to replace our current appliances. Looked at Home Depot and the guy helping us knew nothing about appliances. Randomly stopped into Friedmans and was blown away. The store is huge, super nice and the sales guy was great. He knew everything and even recommended cheaper appliances than what we were looking at based on how often we cook. They delivered and picked up our old appliances and arranged the drop off with my contractor, super easy. Friedmans is great , totally recommend.

Marina203 Marina203 May 6, 2012

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"IMPRESSIVE" is the word I would use to describe Friedmans Appliance. My jaw dropped when I walked into their showroom. It was huge and full of appliances. Better yet, everything was plugged in and working! All the decor was set up so it looked like you were in someone's home. Their prices were great too. I wanted to buy so much more than the stove I came in for. I've never seen a store like it. I have so many more appliances on my wish list so when I'm ready, I'm coming back to Friedmans...and I'm coming back at lunch time with a frozen pizza!

Tracy R. Tracy R. April 22, 2012

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GREAT people.

I live in the city and was out on a business call in the east bay and stopped by their location to look at some options for my new kitchen. I planned on buying them somewhere else once I had an idea of what I was going to get. Well, their sales staff was so helpful and knowledgeable that I actually bought them from them and had them delivered all the way into the city. GREAT people

Winey Winey April 18, 2012

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I will definitely come back!

I can't describe how surprised I was when I walked into Friedmans! WOW is all I kept saying. I can't believe the selection they have. The store is so beautiful that I was worried prices might be high. But they were not and even if I find it cheaper some where else they will match the price for the next 100 days. The salespeople really knew their stuff too - so knowledgable. I felt like I really made a good decision after he showed me some options I had not even thought of. Great job Friedmans - I will definitely come back!

Sandy M Sandy M April 5, 2012

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Truly appreciated the expertise…

James was the most attentive to all of my appliance needs. Explained details of each piece I chose. Truly appreciated the expertise he has as well as patience to a novice.

Carol H. Carol H. February 29, 2012

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We like and trust A.J.

We had additional purchases because we like and trust A.J.

Chuck W. Chuck W. February 29, 2012

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Friedmans one great store and service.

In 2010 We purchased a washer dryer set from friedman's appliance. Are sale person jason was very informative an listen to are needs. A very nice experience. One month after the one year warranty was up the washer went out. For once we were glad we had purchased an extended warranty. A call was made to Friedman's and we were hooked up with the company that handles that this is the first of july,It was a week before the service man was out .I found it troubling that he did not do any testing, just pushed a couple of buttons . Managed to get the door unlocked , and said it was all the electronic's. He would have to order them,I asked how long Bo said a week.Now its August, several calls to the warranty company no parts yet.Finely third week of August Bo comes with the parts. two hours to install and Bang nothing . Now its some thing else.We are in to September, new parts same old story, I could go on. Finally the company that handles the warranty decided it could not be fixed.But only after Friedman's store Manger,Mathew, Lit them up.Friedman's Mathew and jason went way beyond the normal service one would expect. Even purchasing the extended warranty for the new washer. Friedman's one great store and service. AAA+++ Thank you Dan

Dan Dan December 17, 2011

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Harold was very professional and knowledgeable with his …

Why go anywhere else. They beat Best Buy by over 20% (Presidents Day Sale). In the end it all about the money right? I talked to the video game expert at BB, that experience was a waste of 30 minutes and the guy at Sears who didn't know his products didn't make me feel comfortable handing over a check.
Friedman's was an awesome experience. Customer service was relieving. Made me feel at ease, I didn't feel like I was talking to a sales person. I know I was but Harold was very professional and knowledgeable with his products. He listened to my needs and helped me pick the best product. If you are shopping for appliances give them a shot it may save you time and money. Oh yeah they offer free delivery and set up. The delivery service was fast and professional.

Mark S. Mark S. February 14, 2011

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We could not be happier.

I was in need of a new refrigerator & went looking at several local stores. Although they did not have the model we wanted on display, (we had seen it up close at the other stores). They said that it could be ordered.
Without having to haggle, their price was $150 less than the lowest one we had. The 5 year warrantee was $30 less than the competition. Their delivery people were most pleasant & careful moving out the old unit & installing the new one. They explained all the features & hookups for the new unit. They also had all the paperwork necessary for all available rebates. We could not be happier. We know where we will shop for our next appliance needs.

Mike L. Mike L. October 12, 2010

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No pressure, lots of patience, knowledgeable, and never …

Recently bought a house and needed some appliances. Saw an ad for this place offering no sales tax and free delivery, so i went in and saw Al. He is the man. He let me put a deposit down for the deal so I could choose the appliances at a later date.

No pressure, lots of patience, knowledgeable, and never irritated with me. I came in a few times and he was always there to help when I asked. He was good at offering recommendations at certain price points and what I could get at the next level up for a little more cash.

I ended up getting a KitchenAid stainless steel, top bottom, double door fridge with inside water dispenser and ice for around $1500. Also bought a GE front loading washer and dryer for $1000 not including up to $175 rebate. I guess GE didn't produce enough or something so Al upgraded me to some Frigidaires regularly costing much more for free. He even got me an additional rebate for them. YES! If they don't have exactly what your looking for on the floor, they can order it from a catalog.

Even the delivery guys were helpful and told me I should have some valves and pipes fixed before they install the washer or slowly things or problems will slowly occur. They offered to come back later to install it for free. They could have easily just installed it and said screw that guy.

I don't know why the reviews here are so bad. I'd give them a shot. Do your research and see who has the beat deals. Don't sleep on this spot though. Talk to Al and maybe you too can get the hookup.

Swapan M. Swapan M. August 1, 2010

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Friedman’s has the best selection in the Bay Area, period.

Friedman's has the best selection in the Bay Area, period. Plus many of their displays are working models so you can see exactly how the appliance will feel turning on and off things, etc. I visited more than a dozen times while researching various appliances for my kitchen remodel. I never got a high pressure salesman, in fact quite the opposite. Denys answered all my questions COMPLETELY, researched odd ball things I asked about without raising his eyebrows and making me feel like a pest, made copies out of catalogs I didn't have, double checked that things I finally chose were indeed what I wanted (custom panel, Energy Star, whatever). I was never once pressured to buy a different brand. I was introduced to the Liebherr sales rep when I was there once and that was extremely helpful in answering questions about this refrigerator. I double checked their prices against internet and other prices and Friedman's was very competitive in pricing. Sorry for the other folks' bad experiences, but that was not my experience. I can unreservedly recommend Friedman's.

Sharon B. Sharon B. December 29, 2009

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I will be returning to Friedmans.

Great Deals My wall oven went out and I needed a replacement. Friedmans beat any other store by 2000 dollars. I couldn't be happier with this purchase, When its time to replace my other appliances, I will be returning to Friedmans.

Nicole H. Nicole H. January 18, 2009

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…we have been delighted with their service.

They don't get any better than this place, and if you go there, ask for Marie. We've purchased all our kitchen appliances there, and we have been delighted with their service.
Around two years ago we purchased a Frigidaire Gas BBQ from them. The first on went back due to its leaking propane. After using the second one for about a year and a half, I became increasingly frustrated with the BBQ's inability to cook at low temperatures. After going a couple of rounds with Frigidaire service, Friedman's took the BBQ back and gave me full credit for the purchase - even including the BBQ cover. Now that's service!

Ed B. Ed B. July 22, 2008

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I went to Sear’s, Home Depot, and Expo and Friedman’s came …

So far I've had great service with Friedmans. We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen and I'm working with James Plitt. He is very responsive to all my emails and has been very helpful answering all my questions and getting me good prices. I went to Sear's, Home Depot, and Expo and Friedman's came in lower for every appliance. I've been working with James for about 2 months. I recommend finding one sales person you really like and sticking with them as they will help navigate you through the "sea" of appliances. I highly recommend working with him. The show room is also pretty impressive. If you need to get ideas of what to purchase it's worth a visit.

Monica G. Monica G. May 6, 2008

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Extremely helpful. Great follow up.

My experience with Friedmans was geat! My salesperson was patient and extremelly helpful. They explained every step of the ordering process and my delivery was on time. The salesperson took the time to shop the products online to make sure we were getting the best deal. He showed me numerous options and helped me understand the differences between brands.They recommended a third party installer who turned out to be great. I truly fealt like I was being taken care of throughout the entire process. I would recommend Friedmans to anyone. They made my buying experience extremely enjoyable.

triplestaples triplestaples March 10, 2008

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Friedman’s has been helpful, honest and provided high …

These guys are great. We moved into our house a few years ago and purchased most of our appliances from Sears. After which, we purchased our dishwasher from Friedman's. Well.....everything that came from Sears we've had problems with and their service plans were horrible. In contrast, Friedman's has been helpful, honest and provided high quality appliances (to replace the Sears ones that broke!) at a competitive price.

David F. David F. October 17, 2007

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…delivered on time, installed perfectly…

I have to say, its been a few years since I purchased an appliance here, but this is always the first place I go. (I haven't needed to purchase anything, but this is where I will go when I do).

The selection is impressive, and the range of brands and styles really allows a chance to compare options.

The staff are really great. They'll answer questions and show you new features, but in our case anyway, we never felt as though we were being pushed into anything. The lack of high pressure was great.

As I said, we have purchased here recently, but it will still be the very first place we go next time we need another new.. fridge, oven, stove, dryer or washer.. since those we bought there in the past were delivered on time, installed perfectly, and are still chugging away.
Plus, the charge for hauling away the dead one was one of the more reasonable at the time. (I think 2003 or 2003 was the last big appliance overhaul. As I said, its been awhile)

Kelleye B. Kelleye B. July 8, 2007

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