Dec 29, 2009 | | ,
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

Friedman’s has the best selection in the Bay Area, period. Plus many of their displays are working models so you can see exactly how the appliance will feel turning on and off things, etc. I visited more than a dozen times while researching various appliances for my kitchen remodel. I never got a high pressure salesman, in fact quite the opposite. Denys answered all my questions COMPLETELY, researched odd ball things I asked about without raising his eyebrows and making me feel like a pest, made copies out of catalogs I didn’t have, double checked that things I finally chose were indeed what I wanted (custom panel, Energy Star, whatever). I was never once pressured to buy a different brand. I was introduced to the Liebherr sales rep when I was there once and that was extremely helpful in answering questions about this refrigerator. I double checked their prices against internet and other prices and Friedman’s was very competitive in pricing. Sorry for the other folks’ bad experiences, but that was not my experience. I can unreservedly recommend Friedman’s.

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